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Mandir SL-19 (This Mandir is Sold!)

An beautiful mandir with dark rose wood color with hand painted gold decorations.  This is a very nice small to a medium size mandir.
Mandir Size:
Width            27.00 inches
Depth            18.00 inches
Height           41.00 inches
Key Features:
  • A Very appropriate size mandir for a home.
  • Hand painted Gold decorations and trims with a beautiful gloss finish
  • Beautiful turned pillars.
  • A small bell can be added to this mandir.
  • A low profile light to illuminate the mandir.
  • A curtain can also be added to this mandir.
Mandir Price:
$565 (Including UPS ground Shipping in the US)
Self Pick Up Discount:  I can give a significant discount on the price if you decide to pick up the mandir from me to save on shipping.  Pease contact me for the self pickup discounted prices at
woodmandir@gmail.com or you can call me at 614-793-0079