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Mandir SL-36 (This Mandir is Sold!)

This is a very beautifully decorated medium size mandir with dark rose wood color, a lot of gold decorations in the mandir.  A beautifully decorated nice size drawer for everyday pooja items adds to the functionality of this mandir. 
Mandir Size
Width            25.5 inches
Depth           15.25 inches
Height           43.0 inches
Key Features:

  • A nice size beautifully decorated drawer to keep pooja items such as agarbatti, matchsticks, cotton balls etc.
  • Lot of Gold decorations and trims with a beautiful gloss finish
  • Beautiful turned pillars.
  • A low profile light to illuminate the mandir.
  • Om sign inside the mandir.
  • A beautiful decorated shelf ads to the functionality of the mandir.
  • A custom made curtain can be added to this beautiful mandir for an additional cost.

Mandir Price:

$685 (Including UPS ground Shipping in the US) 
Self Pick Up Discount:  I can give a significant discount on the price if you decide to pick up the mandir from me to save on shipping.  (shipping cost for this mandir are high due to weight and size).  Please contact me for the self pickup discounted prices at woodmandir@gmail.com or at 614-594-9026